June 2015


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Are you unsatisfied with current dating app options? Its pretty awkward to have to describe yourself and then wait around for matches, huh? And pretty discouraging when you don't match. And pretty intimidating thinking about potentially dating a complete stranger lurking behind their online profile. If only you could ensure that you were only dating decent humans who compatible with you -- decided not by some fancy algorithm but by those you know you best -- your friends!!

What if we could make online dating human again? TickleTush does just that by making the most fun part of dating -- SET UPS!-- more accessible.

How it works:

Sign up for the app

Take a look at all your current friends a. Make recommended set ups! Remember your cute friend from high school? He would be a great match for your co-worker -- so TickleTush 'em! You know they would be get along swimmingly so introduce them to each other with a single click. If they both accept your recommendation, they'll be connected instantly. Nice work!

Take a look at your friends' friends a. Your kickball teammate has some hot pals. See someone you like? Ask her to make the introductions! She can give the dirt on his background (confirming he is not a total creep) and recommend you to her friend and let the magic begin.

The gist: the best part of dating is getting set up. Your friends get to talk you up to their friends/friends-of-friends and know better than you do who could be a good fit out there. And you can pay it forward!

Currently taken but don't want to miss out on the fun? GOOD NEWS! You can still use TickleTush to be a pal and set up all your friends. Who doesn't love playing matchmaker?!

See our user stories on Trello here: https://trello.com/b/GTvAkQrT/tickletush